about california sessions

delicious aromas and flavors of wine, without any of the guilt.

we think low-calorie wine should still taste like wine;

That’s why we created ca sessions – all of the delicious aromas and flavors of wine without any of the guilt. We deliver on big flavor with our “all day” chardonnay and “all day” cabernet sauvignon. Be great…all day!

what consumers are saying…

“You’re right—I’d never know these were low-calorie wines because they are so big on flavor!”

“Finally, wines thoughtfully made with legitimate flavor profiles. Perfect for gifting!”

“Can’t believe this cabernet is low-cal…it tastes great!”

“The Chardonnay is great for summer because it’s nice and light. It’s very smooth; I could drink a whole bottle

“I’m counting calories right now and had no idea there were wines to help me with that! I’ll take two bottles.”

“Both wines are incredible and definitely the best low-carb option on the market. Sold!”


alcohol by volume

carbs per 5 oz serving

calories per 5 oz serving